How to Grow Barley Fodder

Do You Want to Grow
Your Own Animal Feed?

Barley fodder is an excellent animal feed. It grows easily, even if you don't have a green thumb, because it only takes seven days from start to finish. And, surprisingly, it is substantially less expensive than conventional animal feeds.

Even better, it is incredibly cheap and simple to grow.

The Mariposa Fodder Growth Manual is based on the experiences of Dane and Angie Carlson growing barley fodder for their own animals. Their fodder growing system is an integrated machine for germinating and sprouting barley seed. A built in pump and timer ensures that the barley seed grows into a dense mat of barley grass and roots in only seven days.

Learn How to Grow Fodder in Just 7 Days

What Real Readers Have To Say:

This is a fantastic guide for anyone who has animals to feed. The format is incredibly easy to understand I started growing fodder the first day!
- Sven

The book is great if you're just getting into fodder. It wasn't too technical, nor does make you feel like you’re being talked down to.
- Tom

Thank you! Your book was just what I needed to start feeding my animals myself!
- Paige

Whether you're a farmer, “backyard chicken” owner, have a pampered pet, or are a prepper, the How to Grow Fodder Manual will teach you how to grow exactly the amount of fodder you need.

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